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When a crisis breaks, leaders must rise to meet the challenge as the first to the scene and last to leave. Yet none of us have experienced leading through a pandemic like Covid-19, and together we face many unknowns, difficult emotions, and uncertain terrain ahead.

Join the Murdock Trust Women in Leadership program for “Now What? Leading with Courage and Integrity Through Crisis” on Thursday, May 7th, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm PT as co-founder of Living Wholehearted, Terra Mattson M.A. LPC, LMFT, helps us unpack this situation. Terra will help us manage our own soul-care and address the secondary trauma that is stirring.

The webinar will address:

  • How do I off-load all the anxiety, fears, and overwhelming impact of Covid-19 that I am carrying from my own story and all those I lead?
  • What practical tools are helpful to help my body catch up to where my mind and spirit are going?
  • What rhythms and routines are best practices for leaders, especially in the midst of such a crisis?
  • How do I know what is a “normal” response to this crisis and when do I need further support? 
  • How do I set boundaries when the needs are so great? 
  • How do I hear the voice of grace in the midst of all the other voices, ideas, and needs of those I lead (on my teams and in my wake of leadership)? 

Terra’s slides from this presentation can be found here.

If Terra Mattson is new to you, here is a brief bio:

Terra is a Licensed Professional Counselor, author, keynote speaker, podcaster and has been working with leaders and trauma for close to two decades. Integrating Biblical, clinical, and relational wisdom, Terra will provide practical tools and deeper insights around the unique needs of leaders. This webinar is designed to help you refuel your own tank in a time of great need so you are sustained for the long-term work of fulfilling your call. 

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