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Every year, the Murdock Trust seeks to provide a sampling of some of the groups we partner with throughout the year and their collective impact on the common good through a storytelling project. For this year’s annual video project, we are taking a look at four different service sectors, some of the groups we are inspired by and how they have stepped up to help serve and support those in need during these historic times. You can see our previous videos on the impact of Community Foundations here and Food Banks here.

It feels like an understatement to refer to our community healthcare workers as “heroes.”

On a normal day, these dedicated individuals invest their time and energy in healing the sick and injured. They work long, tiring hours. They deal with heartbreaking scenarios involving the loss of life and the discovery of challenges that can alter the life of a family forever.

It is hard to fathom doing this job against the backdrop of a deadly global pandemic. While most of us needed to learn how to do our jobs from our homes, these brave men and women returned to their workplaces every day with the full knowledge that they were potentially putting themselves in direct line of the virus. They had to rapidly develop strategies that would allow for the treatment and care of all patients while maintaining safety and seeking to block further spread of the virus. More than anyone, they saw everyday the horrible impact of COVID-19 on the people who are infected and their families.

Their commitment and dedication to serve the common good leaves us in awe. Their continued determination to innovate and pivot, to identify and deploy new treatment options and methods of care that help keep patients safe is inspiring. We simply cannot express our gratitude adequately to all those who work in the healthcare sector – doctors and nurses, administrators, technicians, and support staff – and their families as they serve on the front lines of this challenge.

We are grateful to partner with numerous organizations working in several areas of the healthcare sector throughout our region. We have been honored to see the results of their work over the last year and we have the opportunity to share a handful of their stories with you in this video.  We would like to thank Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, Montana Hospital Association and Terry Reilly Health Services for their participation in this project and all our partners in the healthcare sector who are finding ways to serve the common good.

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