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While we are fortunate to employ a brilliant collection of dedicated professionals on our full-time staff, one of the great strengths of the Murdock Trust is our adjunct partners. Senior Fellows, Visiting Fellows and Visiting Scholars bring a unique perspective and wisdom from their own extensive background in key areas that align with the work and service of the Trust while also helping to educate and inform our staff. These individuals are often instrumental in the development and implementation of Trust projects, initiatives and convenings. They also help us extend our outreach, allowing the Trust to reach, listen to and engage with a wider constituency in effective and impactful ways.

We are very excited to share that the Murdock Trust has welcomed two such brilliant individuals to join us as adjunct partners to support our work through 2021.

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Katherine Gottlieb joins the Murdock Trust as a Senior Fellow. Katherine served Southcentral Foundation as President and CEO for more than 30 years.  She is faculty of the Harvard Medical School since 2015, she has won several awards such as the 2015 Harry S, Hertz Leadership Award presented by the Foundation for Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, she is a 2004 MacArthur Genius fellow, she has two honorary doctorates one from Alaska Pacific University and one from the University of Alaska. As a Senior Fellow, Katherine will provide valuable support to the Trust in our convening work as well as critical insight into the current needs of Native communities, communities in Alaska and the healthcare sector and how we can continue to offer meaningful support.

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Squire Broel Joins the Murdock Trust as a Visiting Scholar. A graduate of Seattle Pacific University, Squire has brought the invisible and visible worlds together for nearly 30 years through his art. A gifted sculptor, Squire honed his craft alongside renown contemporary artists from across the country, creating works that have been exhibited around the world. Through his work as a Visiting Scholar, Squire will help inform and support the Trust as we seek to partner with and support arts organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Please join us in giving both Katherine and Squire a very warm welcome!

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