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After more than 18 months of living with the COVID-19 pandemic, it can feel like the way forward is more confusing than ever. The rise of variants and rapidly evolving guidance from some of our leaders has created a fog of information that can make it difficult to determine the best way forward for individuals, families, and communities.

In this conversation moderated by Benjamin Woodard, one of the lead voices covering coronavirus for The Seattle Times, we will hear from Donna Hansel, M.D., Ph.D. Professor and Chair of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, School of Medicine, Oregon Health and Science University and Larry Corey, M.D. Professor, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division, Clinical Research Division, and Public Health Sciences Division, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, two leading experts on the current state of the virus. They will discuss what we can expect in the near future, from the pandemic’s ongoing impact on our day-to-day lives to some of the latest scientific and medical advances, as well as insight into how our scientific community managed the historic effort of creating vaccines and treatments for this illness in a matter of months.

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