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Many experts predict that we will see above average wildfire and hurricane seasons this year, a phenomenon that can be attributed in many ways to climate change. What exactly IS climate change? What causes it? What impact can humans have in increasing or decreasing it? From debate over its cause to what individuals can do to address it, few topics can stir division more than how we approach climate change.

In this partnership with The Seattle Times, we will hear from Leslie Hook (Financial Times) and Rachel McMonagle (Landesa) in a dialogue moderated by Nick Turner (The Seattle Times) about the current discussion surrounding climate change. We’ll learn what science says on the topic, how it may impact our daily lives, and what options individuals can take to address the issue.

Leslie Hook, Financial Times

Leslie Hook is the FT’s environment and clean energy correspondent, based in London. An award-winning journalist, she has reported from more than a dozen countries across Asia and Europe, and currently leads the FT’s coverage of the global climate crisis.

Her previous postings with the FT include San Francisco correspondent and Beijing correspondent, covering resources and the environment.

Prior to joining the FT in 2010, she was at the Wall Street Journal and the Far Eastern Economic Review in Hong Kong. Leslie was also a fellow at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University during 2013-2014.

Rachel McMonagle, Landesa

Rachel McMonagle is a climate justice and land rights advocate and practitioner with experience advancing climate resilience efforts with a social justice focus through nonprofit and U.S. government initiatives. She has honed a theoretical proficiency in climate mitigation and adaption strategies with a technical expertise in sustainable agriculture and soil science. As Landesa’s climate change program director, Rachel develops capacity to implement land tenure as a climate mitigation and adaptation strategy to advance interventions that yield positive outcomes for communities and the environment alike. Rachel holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Management from the Yale School of the Environment and a B.A. from Oberlin College. Her fieldwork includes experience in Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Eastern Europe.

Cover photo by Chris Flexen on Unsplash

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