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The threat of an historic earthquake and devastating tsunami is a constant concern in the Pacific Northwest. While experts cannot say when for certain, we do know a massive earthquake in the Cascadia Subduction Zone followed by a devastating tsunami will occur some time in the future with catastrophic impacts on the Pacific Northwest.

What is the latest data on a potential category 9 earthquake? What will the impacts be on the coast? In urban centers like Seattle, Portland, and Eugene? What is being done to prepare our communities for this disaster and what can we as individuals do to make sure our families stay safe?

Sandi Doughton, science writer for The Seattle Times, will delve into these topics and more around how we can all prepare for a tsunami and earthquake in a thoughtful discussion on Zoom with Dr. Paul Bodin, research professor at the University of Washington and network manager for the Pacific NW Seismic Network, and Elyssa Tappero, tsunami program coordinator for the Washington Emergency Management Division.

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