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A card that says "Thank You" next to an acorn and some fall leaves, to honor this season of giving thanks

Thanksgiving is only days away. Despite the busy bustle of the approaching holiday season, and the work that always seems to catch up to us at year-end, this week is a time to pause, reflect, and be grateful. We hope that in whatever family, job, or circumstance you find yourself this week, you have the chance to join us in giving thanks.

Every year, we ask staff what rises to the top of their gratitude list from the past year. This Thanksgiving, we want to continue this tradition by reflecting together on some things about our grantees and community partners that we most appreciate. At the Trust, we say that our fruit grows on the trees of others. We would not exist without nonprofit organizations and community partners doing the hard work on the front lines of our communities. Here is what staff want to particularly thank these outstanding leaders and workers for this year:

  • “I am thankful for nonprofit leaders and their staff who are sacrificing their own material success and financial gain because of their commitment to alter and enrich the destiny of those they serve.”
  • “I am so incredibly grateful for the interns in our Vision and Call program; they demonstrate immense creativity, curiosity, bravery, and ambition – a true inspiration and joy to witness!”
  • “I am grateful for the many organizations and communities across the Pacific Northwest that have committed significant time and resources in protecting and making the natural environment a better place for all of us to live and enjoy.”
  • “I am grateful to partner with scientific organizations that provide service opportunity and engaging scientific integration for their local communities!”
  • “As winter approaches, I am grateful for all those who are providing shelter, warm food, blankets, and care to those without homes.”
  • “The late great poet Mary Oliver once said that in order to live a deeply meaningful life, you need to follow three practices: ‘Pay Attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.’ The enrichment team, coaches, and faculty have been particularly grateful to walk alongside over 500 organizations in 2022.  We have paid attention to their work and are astonished by the ways they serve the common good. It has been joy to spread the good news about their mission.”
  • “I am grateful for the compassionate, resilient way in which nonprofit leaders in the PNW persistently show up for the people they serve. My thoughts, prayers and gratitude are with them this season.”
  • “I am grateful for the numerous arts organizations who help educate, entertain, and inspire generations of individuals and families, who provide annual traditions at the holiday season, and who have shown great innovation and dedication to their craft through the trying times of the last few years.”

This is just a sample of the myriad ways we are giving thanks for our community leaders, workers, and volunteers living faithful lives of service. Our gratitude to them is endless.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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