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A shot from behind of a veteran looking at Mt. Adams in the distance.
Mt. Adams Institute

As we approach Veterans Day tomorrow, we at the Murdock Trust are renewed in gratitude for all those whose bravery, sacrifice, and strength have served our country. We also remember our founder, Jack Murdock’s, service in the U.S. Coast Guard during World War II. Inspired by the legacy of Jack and countless others who have sacrificed for the common good of our country, we are truly grateful. We also want to take this moment to recognize the many nonprofits that are supporting veterans in our communities. Throughout our region, organizations are showing their gratitude to veterans in tangible ways, through mental health support, ministries, employment programs, and more.

Here are a few such nonprofits the Trust is pleased to partner with:

Friends of American Lake Veterans Golf Course supports the only golf course in the country designed as ADA accessible so it can be played by veterans experiencing disabilities. Volunteer-run with a world-class 18-hole course, this organization provides a therapy outlet that many clients wouldn’t receive elsewhere. Whether golfers have suffered single or double amputations, severe PTSD, or any number of disabilities, this golf course is a place for them to find recreation, rehabilitation, and community with fellow veterans.

Headstrong Project is providing critical mental health services to post 9/11 veterans and their families across 11 states. Despite a tragically increasing suicide rate for veterans nationwide since 9/11, Headstrong has not lost a single veteran to suicide. Clients often see up to 70% reduction of PTSD symptoms after completing Headstrong’s clinical sessions, as well as improved family communication, employment, and more. Motivated by their mission to heal the hidden wounds of war, Headstrong is truly saving lives.

Mt. Adams Institute, a leading outdoor engagement organization, offers a career development program for military veterans interested in public lands and natural resource management careers. As of 2019, over 80% of participants were offered permanent jobs after the completion of this year-long VetsWork program.

The Boise Rescue Missionis committed to caring for veterans of all ages through their Veterans Ministry Program. Through offering case management, assistance with benefits, addiction recovery services, and more, Boise Rescue Mission helps these individuals transition off the streets into long-term housing and the stability they deserve.

For some veterans, expressing themselves creatively helps them process their life experiences, and Lakewold Gardens is ready to help them do so. Lakewold Gardens provides intentional encounters with nature, art, and music for a variety of groups, including veterans with an artistic hobby. Their Veterans Art Center offers bi-weekly painting groups, and the Gardens also regularly hosts an all-inclusive music jam event for their veteran community.

To each of these organizations, and most of all to the veterans who have sacrificed so much for the common good of our region and country, the Murdock Trust says a sincere thank you.

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