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With the Murdock Trust’s continuous grantmaking, enrichment events and other diverse activities, programs and involvement, our staff and our nonprofit partners are constantly engaged in the work we do for our communities. When we publish news or make announcements, we’ll post these items here.

Three Lessons Government Can Learn from the Nonprofit Community

by Jim White and David Austin • May 2016 In today’s hyped campaign season, candidates whip up the crowds with a lot promises about what they – and by extension – the government can do. Make America great again!  Create jobs!  Free health care! Tax the rich! Promises are often linked to money, and some would have […]
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Capacity Building Matters

by Laurie Wolf and Kit Gillem • April 2016 The Murdock Trust has a long history of funding nonprofit support organizations and state associations that build the capacity of the nonprofit sector in the region, as well as making grants that build the capacity of a single organization. In 2001 with support from the Rasmuson Foundation, […]
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Why STEM matters to all of us

by Moses Lee • March 2016 Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are everywhere, affect every aspect of our lives, and are vital to our future. Scientific and technological issues increasingly dominate the national discourse, from environmental debates on climate change and economic threats from invasive species, to concerns about cloning, genetically modified food, and the […]
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Innovative Generosity

by Steven G.W. Moore • February 2016 As we head into this election year, we know we will hear promises and pledges about taxes, spending, and the many challenges that face our nation and our world. There is a sense that civil discourse is being strained to the limits by social media campaigns that often have […]
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Board or Bored?

by Terry Stokesbary • January 2016 What are boards for anyway? Without a doubt, this is a critical question for the nonprofit sector as a whole and especially for the many specific nonprofit organizations that are seeking to make a difference in their communities and throughout the world. Increasingly, more and more resources, written by well-respected […]
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