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Partners in Science ConferenceS

Teachers sharing their research and bringing their knowledge back to the classroom

To support our Partners in Science Program, the Murdock Trust hosts two annual conferences.

In August, all first and second-year partners will gather for the Partners in Science Teaching Practices Conference in Vancouver, WA. Partners will learn best practices for translating their research experience into meaningful inquiry activities used in the classroom to inspire the next generation of scientists. First-year partners will attend a full four days of training. Second-year partners will join for the last two days.

In January, partners will attend the Partners in Science Research Symposium in Portland, OR. First-year partners present their research as a poster, and second-year partners give an oral presentation summarizing their findings over two Summers.

Research mentors for current partners are highly encouraged to attend. We also welcome veteran partners who have finished the program to join us in January. Open attendance without an invitation is not available for either conference.

Upcoming Conferences

  • The next Partners in Science Teaching Practices Conference will be held August 6-9, 2024 for first-year partners and August 8-9, 2024 for second-year partners. The conference will be held at the Hilton in Vancouver, WA.
  • The next Partners in Science Research Symposium will be held January 17-18, 2025 at the Portland, OR Marriott Downtown Waterfront. 

Conference Resources

  • Tutorial on Designing a Poster – A PowerPoint tutorial on designing a poster has been prepared by a scientist at Oregon Health and Science University and loaned to the Trust to help teacher Partners learn how to design and present a poster on your research. Information includes which design elements to consider, what content to include, and how to produce and effectively present a poster on your research. 
  • Tutorial on Preparing an Oral Presentation – A PowerPoint tutorial on preparing an oral presentation has been prepared by a scientist at Oregon Health and Science University and loaned to the Trust to help teacher Partners learn how to prepare to “Give a Paper” (present an oral presentation) on your research. Detailed information includes what content to include, design elements to consider in preparation of your PowerPoint presentation, as well as how-tos and tips for effectively delivering a talk on your research. 
  • Using our logo(s) in your presentation? Access them here and read our guidelines on how to use them. 
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