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Across our region, healthcare nonprofits are providing medical support and healing to their local communities through free clinics, physical therapy, and targeted programs. The Trust is full of gratitude for each of these vital organizations, who save and improve lives every day. But sometimes, healing needs to happen away from hospital hallways – and for that, the Pacific Northwest has plenty to offer too.

Here are three recent grantees who have brought healing outdoors through summer camps:

Four children practice archery outside with an adult supervising.

Camp Rainbow Gold

Camp Rainbow Gold in Boise, ID, is a place to heal the soul, forge friendships, and build confidence, all while putting a pause on the medical to make space for the magic of summer camp. It is a place for children with cancer and their families to enjoy recreation, community, and the great outdoors. Thanks to an accessible campus, children of all abilities – with or without wheelchairs, prosthetics, or other support – can participate in sports, activities, and dances. From family retreats to teen oncology camps to year-round support groups, Camp Rainbow Gold has a space for everyone impacted by the cancer journey.

A child looks at a plant.

Camp Korey

In Mount Vernon, WA, Camp Korey provides a safe camp environment to help children with life-altering medical conditions reclaim the joyful adventures of childhood. Mostly from the Puget Sound region, campers come with a range of medical conditions, including pediatric brain injury, cancer, rare genetic disorders, craniofacial differences, organ transplants, and skin disorders. Yet all are given a safe camping environment with specialized medical support, free of charge. There are options for families, too, and outreach camps that bring joy and activity kits to children in hospitals.

Camp Mak-A-Dream

A group of people gather around a campfire, with a sunset in the background.

Camp Mak-A-Dream in Missoula, MT, empowers survivors and their families to live with and beyond cancer through life-changing summer camp experiences. Knowing that each group is unique, with special circumstances and stories, the content is tailored for each camp. Young Adult Conferences helps those ages 18-35 connect with others with similar experiences, and learn through workshops on topics such as grief and loss, relationships, and meditation. Siblings Camps provide a space for the brothers and sisters of those with diagnoses to process life changes and receive dedicated attention for a time. These are just some of the unique groups Camp Mak-A-Dream serves, in addition to family retreats and kids and teens camps, all under Montana’s big sky.

At the Murdock Trust, we believe it takes a community to support those experiencing medical hardship. Doctors and nurses and therapists, yes, but also camp leaders and volunteers who help create conditions for restful rejuvenation and holistic healing in nature. The healthcare sector is broad, and the organizations diverse. The Murdock Trust is grateful for every single one.

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