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Serving the unique needs of all communities across the Pacific Northwest

From the rural towns of Montana to the urban core of Seattle to the to remote villages of Alaska to the suburban neighborhoods of the mid-Willamette Valley, the needs of the communities that comprise the Pacific Northwest are incredibly diverse. In partnership with individuals and nonprofits who are deeply-rooted in the unique circumstances facing these areas, the Murdock Trust works to support and uplift programs and projects that help build capacity to improve the overall quality of life for all.

A few of the areas in Human Services we fund include:

Youth Services · Community Building · Afterschool Programs & Resources · Job Training · Immigrant & Refugee Support · Anti-Human Trafficking Programming · Leadership & Development Resources · Microenterprise · Natural Resource Conservation · Wildlife Preservation · Emergency Shelters

Grants Awarded

Human Services Grantee Stories

Serving Children in Crisis in Oregon

Children are among the most vulnerable people in our society. And, sadly, children may find themselves in crisis at some point in their young lives, whether it be due to family environment, mental health, the loss of a loved one or other trauma.

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The Dougy Center

Retreat Centers

Retreats can be the perfect vessel to take a step away from everyday life to reflect and refresh, either alone or with others. Some people choose to take contemplative retreats as a time of self-reflection and spiritual renewal.

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Tilikum Center for Retreats

Recreation, Education and Conservation: A Zoo’s Purpose

Zoos are more than a place for children to learn about and be exposed to animals they might not otherwise encounter. For many zoos, promoting conservation on behalf of wildlife is a key reason for their existence. 

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Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

In an ecosystem, you rely on others. You share. You partner. You depend on the strengths of those around you.

Kenton Lee, Because International
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