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Partnering secondary school science teachers with research mentors to expand their scientific horizons

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This unique program engages secondary and pre-service science teachers in authentic and innovative research experiences in a university lab or other research institution, enabling them to more effectively guide their students through the processes of science and foster new knowledge. The program enables teachers (Partners) and academic scientists (Mentors) to collaborate in the advancement of science, with the goal that both will grow professionally in the process.

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The Process

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In June 2023, the Murdock Trust approved the transition to a different program delivery model. Similar to the National Science Foundation’s Research Experience for Teachers (RET) Sites grant, the Trust is seeking grant applications to fund research experiences for secondary science teachers on university campuses or qualified research institutions. For the first time, pre-service teachers who are studying to become a secondary school science teacher are also invited to participate in this program. Institutions (individually or collaboratively with other nearby institutions) can apply for a renewable three-year grant to run the research experience for three or more partnerships each year. Grantee institutions would be responsible for recruiting, supporting the partnerships through providing research opportunities and professional development, and administering the grant.

After reading the program guidelines and instructions, the Lead Principal Investigator will begin the application process through the grants portal. The completed application must be submitted by the PI’s institution.

Partners (teachers) in the program will conduct research over the course of two summers. Each year, partners participate in two Trust-led conferences—the Partners in Science Teaching Practices Conference in August and the Partners in Science Research Symposium in January. All first and second-year partners come together in August to learn best practices in translating their research experience into teaching science inquiry effectively in the classroom. In January, first-year partners develop a research poster showing their findings and second-year partners will deliver an oral presentation showcasing what they’ve learned over the past two summers of research.

For more information on Partners in Science, please email Angela Little at angelal@murdocktrust.org.

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