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When parents receive a special needs diagnosis for their child, it can be an experience filled with fear of the unknown. Uncertainty for the future is quickly replaced by trying to find the best resources to help their child develop and grow. It can be daunting to navigate the services available, such as early intervention, occupational and physical therapy, speech therapy and feeding therapy. The Kindering Center in Puget Sound, Washington, provides a safe place for families to receive all the services their children may need under one roof.

We believe that children of diverse abilities thrive when they have access to the support they need, and we are proud to partner with the Kindering Center in providing education and therapies to nurture and build children up to reach their fullest potential. Destiney shares about the supportive experience her son and their family have had at the Kindering Center.

“When we came to Kindering three years ago via referral from our pediatrician, it was a little bit frightening and daunting. I can recall the evaluation quite well. Everything felt so new, so different. The evaluators and case workers were kind and patient with us. I experienced an array of emotions as I considered that my son may have developmental delays. I had a sense of urgency to receive a diagnosis and/or interventions and at the same time felt fearful about the future. Little did I know that this was the beginning of a long journey that always included big emotions that are often in contradiction.

As our son began to receive several different services, we were gently guided by therapists, educators and our family resource coordinators. Walking the path that we do, as caretakers of our children with special needs, is a deeply personal journey. As the months rolled on and we became more aware of our son’s needs, I realized that we had this massive support system all around us. The Kindering staff had entered into the most intimate parts of our family and done it respectfully, with kindness, patience and wisdom.

Benton has grown and developed tremendously. His physical, verbal, cognitive and emotional gains are evident, not just to us, but to our family and friends as well. We’re convinced it is largely due to early interventions. But, less obvious, is the impact Kindering has had on me. I have changed how I talk and advocate for others, and it’s changed how I parent and how I interact with other children. Kindering has even changed the songs I sing and the games I play with kids. This impact Kindering has made in our family will ripple into our community for years to come.”

Thank you, Kindering Center, for giving families hope and helping children thrive!

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