M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

The primary goal of the Murdock Trust is to serve and support organizations that strengthen and uplift the social, spiritual, educational, scientific and artistic foundation of communities across the Pacific Northwest. One of the primary ways we do this is through our grantmaking, but the Trust is fortunate to have myriad other opportunities to engage with and support the organizations and individuals working tirelessly to support the common good.

One of these methods is through our enrichment programs. These programs, offered at a reduced or no cost to nonprofits across the Pacific Northwest, support a broad array of organizations, individuals and sectors that impact our communities in a variety of ways.

The fall is always one of our favorite times of year because it is a season when most of our enrichment participants come together to learn, share and grow with us through conferences, convenings and other educational sessions.

Within the past few months, for example, we’ve been privileged to connect with hundreds of nonprofits, educators, scientific researchers and individuals through a wide array of programs.

  • Vision & Call Retreat
    • In October, more than 150 staff advisors and interns from faith-based nonprofit organizations around the Pacific Northwest gathered to learn about and discuss the idea of personal vocation and how they can use their areas of giftedness in their careers moving forward.
  • Women in Leadership Conference
    • In October, about 50 women working in faith-based organizations gathered to gain leadership insights and connect with a network of experienced female leaders.
  • Murdock College Science Research (MCSR) Conference
    • In November, approximately 500 students, faculty, staff and administrators from more than 30 colleges and universities in the Pacific Northwest participated in the 2018 MCSR Conference. This research conference allows students in the natural sciences an opportunity to present their collaborative faculty-student research and collectively share new knowledge.
  • Leadership Advance Conference
    • In November, around 250 executive leaders of faith-based organizations gathered to learn from a team of speakers around the theme of “Listening to Wisdom.”
  • Essentials of Development Training
    • In December, more than 70 executive directors and board members representing 18 organizations completed the first of two sessions designed to help smaller or start-up organizations build a sustainable development structure.

We want to thank the hundreds of individuals and organizations who joined us this fall to learn and grow in order to better serve the common good. We also want to offer a special thank you to all of the coaches, presenters and partners who joined with the Murdock Trust to make these events a success. We are grateful for all that you do to ensure nonprofit organizations and the communities they serve can flourish and thrive in all corners of the Pacific Northwest.

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The Trust guides nonprofit organizations through every level of their development through grants and other resources.

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