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Like so many around the world, we have watched in horror as millions of Ukrainians have been forced to flee their homes in brutal and dehumanizing conditions. Families have been torn apart, hospitals attacked, and cities that so many call home destroyed. For the many Ukrainian and Ukrainian American communities in the Pacific Northwest, this crisis is even more distressing to witness.  

A group of volunteers gather food packages in a gymnasium

While words feel inadequate to express our sorrow, our spirits are lifted as we witness so many individuals and organizations step up to help in incredible ways. We are grateful to all organizations providing critical support to those most affected by this crisis, both abroad and in our region. Organizations working overseas such as: 

  • World Vision, which is providing emergency assistance and educational and psychological support to refugees in Romania, Moldova, and within Ukraine 
  • Mercy Corps, which is supporting local organizations who know their communities’ needs and providing urgent humanitarian support in Ukraine, Poland, and Romania 
  • Medical Teams International, which is providing urgent medical care to Ukrainian refugees in Moldova, as well as training local volunteers to provide mental health support 
  • The Salvation Army, which is providing on-the-ground support to new mothers and their babies fleeing Ukraine, as well as supporting those relocated to Romania, Poland, Moldova, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic 

Meanwhile, following President Biden’s announcement that the United States would welcome up to 100,000 refugees fleeing Ukraine, the Pacific Northwest is preparing to welcome thousands of Ukrainian refugees in the coming days. The state of Washington in particular, with an established Ukrainian community and reputation as a top resettlement state, anticipates receiving many refugees. We are heartened to see so many groups preparing to welcome these individuals and families. Organizations such as: 

A volunteer administers medical care
  • Lutheran Community Services Northwest, which has helped resettle more than 2,000 Ukrainians in Washington and Oregon since 2017 and plans to settle many more in the coming days 
  • Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization, which is gathering important resources for Ukrainian Nationals arriving in the United States  
  • World Relief Seattle, which has helped resettle more than 2,100 refugees from Ukraine since 2014 and is ready to help many more through meeting newly arrived families at the airport, providing transportation to medical appointments, securing permanent housing and furniture, and more  

There are so many more individuals, churches, and organizations who have given time, money, prayers, and resources to supporting those most affected by this crisis. To find ways to support those in Ukraine, see this resource guide compiled by the Community Foundation of Southwest Washington.  

To each of these organizations and many others who are stepping up to provide overseas aid and welcome refugees in our own region, we say thank you. And to all our Ukrainian neighbors, abroad and in the Pacific Northwest, we stand with you.  

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